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Welcome to Nolgårdshästar Handelsbolag!


We run our business outside of Koppom in western Värmland. Our mission is to breed nice and well-managed young horses, especially for trotting-competition but we believe that all horses have multiple uses. Most we focus on cold-blooded, but we also have some warmblood in the yard. We undertake furthermore commissioned driving with tourists or in the forest with our horses.


Do you want to relive childhood memories, experience nature or take the kids on a different activity? Then you are welcome to come along when we drive by horse and carriage.


We carry happily also another run, please get in touch with your idea and we'll do our best to realize it.


On the farm there is also a small group of sheeps that help us clean the yard from bushes and stuff. If you happen to pass in April, we have hopefully some newborn lambs to show up.

Please, send us an email if you are interested in our activities or, of course, you would like to buy one of our horses


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Nolgårdshästar HB


Nolgård, Väststuga

670 41 Koppom


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